Once upon a time, an exceptional star from a far away Galaxy fell straight into the bud of a wonderful Flower.

The Third Book of the series tells us about further inspiring adventures of Fairy Dalia and the Lonely Rose on their crossing of the Great Ocean.

The Fairy and the Rose make friends with a somewhat short-sighted Raspberry-dotted Fish who is looking for the Great Ocean, the Anxious Seagull who is learning how to soar, find the Windrose that demonstrates the Balance of Three Facets, discover the Paddle-Whiskered Whale who brings the travellers to the Island of Lighthouses.

After resolving an argument about who shines the best, the Fairy and the Rose are shown the way to the World of Humans.

In this volume the Fairy talks about the Illusion of Time, the nature of Loneliness and the importance of Balance.

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