A new „3-D“ phenomenon in the fairytale world: a philosophy-book, an art-book and a meditation-book, all in one. Immerse yourself in the kind world of a perfectly special Fairy. A world beyond illusions and time.

Our books are a unique gift for parents on their way to mindfulness as well as for anyone who appreciates beauty.

In our book:

  • The readers will discover at least one philosophical concept (Such as “Contemplation” in Book 1 or “Illusion” in Book 2). 
  • They will find one or more visualisations (Such as “A Cup Filled with the Ocean of Stillness”). 
  • They will learn some yoga positions from a slightly different angle (such as “Lotus Pose”, “Fish Pose”, “Eagle Pose”etc).

The Glossary is included at the end of each book in order to assist the parents and children in their conversations about the concepts described in the fairy tales. It is compiled in a concise manner and introduces the world of Fairy Dalia from a different perspective.

The illustrations are very colourful and artistic in their details, helping to attract children’s attention.

Their surreal style of imagery gives adults a chance to contemplate and meditate while reading. The visualisations will be also available separately on postcards, purchased digitally or downloaded online.