We believe that the art of centering, the ability to balance our emotions and the skill to meditate are universal tools of utmost importance in the modern world, which is filled with an abundance of uncontrollable aggression.

"Fairy Dalia" is a series of fable-like stories about a Fairy, brought from a distant Galaxy, who is able to listen and see through her Soul...

There are very few books in the shelves today that teach children the ancient art of mindfulness and contemplation of the material world without judging its duality.

We hope that children who master these tools will grow into mindful adults who would not want to judge. People who do not judge do not destroy or kill. People who practice peace of mind will never start a war.

Our fairy tales suggest a view of the world through the prism of beauty and an unconventional perspective on life.

Through dialogues with an extraordinary Fairy, the heroes have to choose between darkness and Light in the context of universal values such as: Love, beauty, kindness, cooperation, mutual respect and self-knowledge.

Our products are uniquely designed to inspire mindfulness and promote inner harmony and peace.