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This is a Dream-Fairytale

Dear Dalia! Thank you for our meeting, for talks about creativity and for a wonderful gift to my granddaughter - your Fairytale! While reading your book from the very first page I entered the World of magical, musical words so unusual for our daily life. Even knowing what the word means, for example «silence» , in your tale it acquires a new sound and a vast meaning. There are many such examples. Many special thanks for the Glossary - it is a very necessary list of mysterious words and images and their explanations. You use such unique realm of words. This is a Dream-Fairytale. Sometimes you wake up and you feel that you dreamt of something so good but you can’t remember it, so you want to see and feel it again! In my opinion your Book is the most beautiful Dream. I would really love to read the next chapters about a magical Fairy Dalia! Thank you so much!!!

Saule, Kazakhstan, 70 years old, a writer, a Professor of literature and a grandmother of five grandchildren