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If you do not know how to do it, Fairy Dalia will help!

"Never lose the fire of your eyes ... Please." The fire with which we live and behold. That fire, without which we can not live, because without it we will cease to see the Essence. "And only people with eyes of a child could find it." To see miracles ...! Imagine what it's like to live and see miracles. Those that are around us and which are invisible but which we can learn to see!

 If you do not know how to do it, Fairy Dalia will help! "None of the inhabitants of the Enchanted Glade wanted to make even the slightest sound because everyone knew: if anything of real importance were to happen in the world, words would only distract.

 We, adults like to distract with words, take away from the very essence, and sometimes we stop understanding and seeing Beauty. When a small butterfly, (so typically for a small child) endlessly asks questions - "why", it is with these children's words the truth is uttered. With this childish naivety, the most important question is: "Can you listen through the Soul"? How many times do adults think about this?

And then she is born - the most extraordinary Fairy "in her sun-like hair twinkled tiny moon-like stars.
An unbelievable Fairy, who has the Sun, the stars and the Moon all in her hair ... Warmth, light, wisdom ...

 "To contemplate is to look at the world from the depth of the ocean through the little lakes that reflect only the sky..." Wonders happen when you read these lines and you go to Google to check if anything similar exists?

Not because it is simply unbelievable, but because you initially look just with your adult eyes and do not contemplate. You need eyes of a child. Fairy Dalia was born not only to teach this, but also to remind those who, in everyday hustle and bustle forget about the most important things ... Fairy Dalia ... She's already mine!

Tatevik, Armenia, 25 y.o., a journalist