“Fairy Dalia” Book 3
“Fairy Dalia” Book 3
“Fairy Dalia” Book 3
“Fairy Dalia” Book 3
“Fairy Dalia” Book 3

“Fairy Dalia” Book 3

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The third book of our magical series describes the further exciting adventures of Fairy Dalia and the Lonely Rose on their crossing of the Great Ocean. They make friends with a somewhat short-sighted Raspberry-dotted Fish who is looking for the Great Ocean; the Anxious Seagull who is learning how to soar; find the Windrose that demonstrates the Balance of Three Facets; discover the Paddle-Whiskered Whale who brings the travellers to the Island of Lighthouses. By the end of the third book FairyDalia finally reaches the World of Humans.

• Hardcover
• Publisher: Dalia Lane Creations LLC (2017)
• Language: English
• Pages: 157
• Recommended Age: 5+
• ISBN: 978-3-9524707-9-4
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