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Books always look like their authors!
A fantastic book, fantastic illustrations !!! I looked and read it with great interest !!! By the way, today one friend said that books always look like their authors!
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Arpine Ghukasyan, Armenia, 24 y. o., Psychologist
Your books will be greatly treasured for their beauty and for their invaluable message!
Dear Dalia Lane,
We have just received copies of your three books that were donated to our school at the United World College Dilijan and I wanted to write immediately to say how very grateful we are. Our children range from 3 to nearly 9 at the moment and are taught and encouraged to be independent, resourceful, caring, compassionate, investigative learners who appreciate each other and the world around them. Listening with their souls is a fundamental characteristic of our desires and aims for these children. Your books will be greatly treasured for their beauty and for their invaluable message.
We send our warmest regards and gratitude!!
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Stephanie Jones ( Director )
This book consists of a fairy tale, literally, it contains it
“Fairy Dalia” was given to me as an unexpected and sweet gift. It’s so pleasant to hold this book in my hands and to look through its pages. It has unique illustrations: soft, airy and gentle, they create a very special mood. This book consists of a fairy tale, literally, it contains it. This story is full of special imagery that is pleasant to reflect upon and to visualize. The images and the message of the book do not allow me to allocate it into the children literature category. Although the children might like it as well. I think that adults, reading this book, will be able to get some very tender, almost otherworldly experience. And that’s always precious. My big appreciation for such a gift!
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Alexandr Yankelevich, Belarusia, 26 years old, Psychologist
This is a Dream-Fairytale
Dear Dalia! Thank you for our meeting, for talks about creativity and for a wonderful gift to my granddaughter - your Fairytale! While reading your book from the very first page I entered the World of magical, musical words so unusual for our daily life. Even knowing what the word means, for example «silence» , in your tale it acquires a new sound and a vast meaning. There are many such examples. Many special thanks for the Glossary - it is a very necessary list of mysterious words and images and their explanations. You use such unique realm of words. This is a Dream-Fairytale. Sometimes you wake up and you feel that you dreamt of something so good but you can’t remember it, so you want to see and feel it again! In my opinion your Book is the most beautiful Dream. I would really love to read the next chapters about a magical Fairy Dalia! Thank you so much!!!
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Saule, Kazakhstan, 70 years old, a writer, a Professor of literature and a grandmother of five grandchildren
An Incredible Fairy!
I really liked this fairy tale! Magical and philosophical. An Incredible Fairy!
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Alena, Russia, 30 y.o., an artist
I read your fairy tale - very interesting!
I read your fairy tale - very interesting! The combination of a philosophical tale (in the style of Saint-Exupéry and Bach) with stunning illustrations. I wish you success with the book, good luck in all your endevours!
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Karen, Armenia, 40 y.o., a Professor of Russian Literature
I read "Fairy Dalia" before going to sleep and I feel so peaceful!
I read "Fairy Dalia" before going to sleep and I feel so peaceful! The state of mind of the reader is very important here..I read and don‘t even try to think about it, I just feel as if I am floating in a soft, warm current. And I want to swim and swim, and swim... This book is like a lullaby for the Soul. Its pictures and colors, everything ... The visual part is incredible! It makes me feel so good! It's really true: I feel such warmth and contentment. The mission of everyone of us is to live our lives fully, not roaming through life blindly but clear-sighted! To integrate all your experience into your personal development. The greatest harm of this inner blindness is illusion. Many live illusional lives until the end and then they face an irreparable emptiness inside. "Fairy Dalia" is a beautiful legacy to this world. I just saw its true meaning - healing of Souls.
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Ekaterina, Ukraine, 30 y.o., Head of Marketing
What a healing and soothing fairy tale!
What a healing and soothing fairy tale! My daughter is pregnant now. I will give her exactly this book!
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Victoria, Ukraine, 52 y. o., fashion designer
I got an immense pleasure reading your book. It heals the soul.
Dear Dalia, I read your book in one breath and in awe. I re-read it the next day and for two days I've been trying to sit down and write about my impressions. My thoughts and feelings overwhelm me. Emotions and mind interrupt each other and don’t allow to concentrate and express myself fully. The phrase at the beginning of the story: „and only people with eyes of a child“ invites the reader to journey together, immersing in a magical world, where (like in music) the emotional tension is growing gradually, sensual perception reaches its peak and you feel and see something incredibly beautiful. Thanks to the colorful metaphorical images and creative solutions our consciousness returns to its subconscious basis and an inner child awakens within us, who is like a clean sheet of paper is ready to absorb the best colors of the palette. Humans mature gradually and learn to know the world and ourselves through the prism of love and beauty. Suddenly we fall out of time and space, and there comes a moment of enlightenment and clarity. The ending of the fairy tale wrapped me with a feeling of peace and some universal wisdom.
Dear Dalia, I got an immense pleasure reading your book. It heals the soul.You are incredibly talented. And all this you managed to convey through the nuances of English language. While reading your fairytale a child matures but an adult returns to childhood.
PS: I'll try to organise a stage performance of "Fairy Dalia", it would be very useful for my students.
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Armine Simonyan, Armenia, 50 y.o., a Professor of English Language and Literature
When I took it into my hands for the first time - it felt like magic.!
"An amazing book! When I took it into my hands for the first time - it felt like magic. When I peeped inside - I needed just a couple of seconds, a couple of phrases in order to realise that for me it's love at first sight! It was a wonderful gift for my mom and my close friend. A gift that makes that heart tremble, which is able to believe and be inspired by small miracles. This book has arrived from the world of elves-devas, demigods, who have extremely light and invisible bodies and who provide a swift energy rise to the upper chakras. I loved the text - it says that a living creature is SOUL. This text can serve as a transmitter to the Eternal Religion (sanatana dharma). A religion that describes a relationship between God and a human being in the deepest way. Those are my impressions
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Saraswati Devi, Finland, 35 y.o.,, a yoga teacher
This is the first fairy tale that gave me such emotions and such incredible pleasure!
What a deep and wonderful book! I read it all in one breath and then was coming back to it thinking about every line and felt as if I was cleansed. I felt calmer, lighter, kinder. This text and images immerse in a better version of yourself. Such an excellent balance between external design and internal filling. The text is very deep, philosophical but distributed precisely in order not to overload the pages, so it is read easily and feels airy and unearthly. This is the first fairy tale that gave me such emotions and such incredible pleasure. Thank you so much!
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Mila, Switzerland, 35 y. o., a teacher of music
I enjoyed every line!
Dear, we read the third book with my daughter. So beautifully written. My daughter wants to read it herself, she doesn’t even let me to come near)). Thank you, you are a genius! A real Fairy! The illustrator and the editor also worked hard, everything turned out great! I enjoyed every line! My daughter might have not understood everything to the end, but she felt the rhythm and the volume and how the characters live. This magical feeling will remain with her from now on. I will also remind her about it, when she will get older. In general, you are just great! Thank you !!!
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Gaini, Switzerland, 45 y.o., an asset manager and a mom of two
Great book series for children!
Beautiful and unique book with uplifting message for children. Wonderful artwork, high production and print quality! Great book series for children!
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Karl, USA, 52 y.o., a yoga teacher, an artist, a musician and an author
I really liked this fairytale!
I really liked this fairytale. Now I understand why I also liked the author so much. From the very first meeting I immediately felt what I got to know now. You are such a Miracle!
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Gayane, Armenia, 30 y.o., artist and mother of two
It’s a lovely and warm fairytale!
It’s a lovely and warm fairytale! Without violence and intimidation! I was dreaming to find such a peaceful fairytale! It is so important for children to have this pure and bright memory of how mother reads a fairytale. Cheldren carry it with them for a lifetime! It is thoughtful, accustoming to something new by teaching the new! I veeeeery much liked it! Well done, author !!!!! The story mesmerized my child's mind completely with naturalcuriosity and consciousness! Perhaps, this fairy tale is somewhat difficult for children to understand, but it depends on how it’s read! I have read it to my daughter in a way that I felt myself about the Fairy and her world! It is written in a very subtle way!
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Alena, Switzerland, 40 y.o., gymnast and mother of two
This fairy tale is divine!
This fairy tale is divine! I am under such a great impression! I would love to realize its images in the material world!
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Tatiana, Russia, 35 y. o., dolls-artist
This will definitely be the first fairy tale for my child!
One must be very wise to understand all that is written in this fairy tale. It is for mothers and children who are able to contemplate and look for the truth. This will definetely be the first fairytale for my child. It’s out of this world. It’s so very different
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Maria, England, 23 y.o., Marketing manager
If you do not know how to do it, Fairy Dalia will help!
"Never lose the fire of your eyes ... Please." The fire with which we live and behold. That fire, without which we can not live, because without it we will cease to see the Essence. "And only people with eyes of a child could find it." To see miracles ...! Imagine what it's like to live and see miracles. Those that are around us and which are invisible but which we can learn to see! If you do not know how to do it, Fairy Dalia will help! "None of the inhabitants of the Enchanted Glade wanted to make even the slightest sound because everyone knew: if anything of real importance were to happen in the world, words would only distract.” We, adults like to distract with words, take away from the very essence, and sometimes we stop understanding and seeing Beauty. When a small butterfly, (so typically for a small child) endlessly asks questions - "why", it is with these children's words the truth is uttered. With this childish naivety, the most important question is: "Can you listen through the Soul"? How many times do adults think about this? And then she is born - the most extraordinary Fairy "in her sun-like hair twinkled tiny moon-like stars.An unbelievable Fairy, who has the Sun, the stars and the Moon all in her hair ... Warmth, light, wisdom ... "To contemplate is to look at the world from the depth of the ocean through the little lakes that reflect only the sky..." Wonders happen when you read these lines and you go to Google to check if anything similar exists? Not because it is simply unbelievable, but because you initially look just with your adult eyes and do not contemplate. You need eyes of a child. Fairy Dalia was born not only to teach this, but also to remind those who, in everyday hustle and bustle forget about the most important things ... Fairy Dalia ... She's already mine!
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Tatevik, Armenia, 25 y.o., a journalist